About Us

At its heart, Shiuli is a minimalist, design-centric, limited edition label that is completely handcrafted. This means that every saree we make starts out as a pure white or cream fabric. Onto this canvas, we render shapes, patterns and colours.

Being design centric means that we design and make a limited number of sarees each season and every year, focussing on working with the purest fabric and unique combinations of techniques.

Why do we do this?

Because what we love most about creating sarees from scratch, is in pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

This has led to some amazing discoveries, some of which have found their way into our line. Hand done baatik on pure Kancheepuram silk for instance, or daabu on handwoven Kancheepuram silk, every Shiuli saree is unique in that it carries our trademark _minimalist aesthetics and a deep commitment to creating something that is timeless and enduring.

Design for us is an immersive experience.

We travel wherever craft takes us, living in villages and spending our days amongst looms and printing tables. Everyday we learn and learn and learn. We create our own blocks, hand stitch our shibori sarees and have developed the design for every single kalamkaari and batik saree in our line. We ask our artisans and weavers why some things are possible and some are not. And we hope that we are helping them expand the scope of their skills while we absorb from them the deep rooted traditions of weave and embellishment. Every saree we create is a unique synergy of their knowledge and our desire to create something never seen before.

So, when you own a Shiuli saree, you own something that has been through repeated iterations in design and process to arrive at something unlike any other.